Which Classic Sir Are You?

Cali Chap

#Food #Event #Entertainment

“I don’t dine and dash. I dashingly dine.”
Being a gentleman isn’t enough, you should enjoy being a gentleman! Whether you’re seeking a stylish new restaurant or you’re pursuing a classy dame, let me help you make the most of the gentleman’s lifestyle.

Miami Mister

#Fitness #Health

“Always be attractive–custom suit or birthday suit.”
As a suave, confident gentlemen, you know your natural self assurance comes from disciplined physical refinement. Your figure should be an instrument of confidence, so let’s discuss techniques to fine tune your form.

New York Gent

#Fashion #Style #Grooming

“If style speaks to the gentleman’s soul..take every opportunity to give people something to think about”
A stylish gentleman distinguishes fad from fashion, and finds his city’s finest tailor. Let’s discuss the tradition of men’s attire as we 21st century gentlemen create new classics.

Chicago Boss

#Career #CurrentEvents #Networking

“The career does not define the gentleman. The gentleman defines the career.”
Being a workplace gentleman is a noble challenge, and your endeavors should be rewarded. Our discussions will guide you up the proverbial ladder of success.

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