Jay Gatsby Straw Hat Style
June 16, 2013

Jay Gatsby Upgrades Your Look

Classic Sir

  There was once a time in history when every man dressed to the nines all the time. When ladies were dolls and guys were dapper gentlemen. That lavish and extravagant era became commonly known as the Roaring 20′s. Heralded by one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters, The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, the [...]

Don Draper - Mad Men
April 14, 2013

Mad Men Yourself

Why Men Love Don: Part 2

I don’t claim to have as many problems as Don. Heck, I’m not even sure I’m as psychologically real. I do, though, know that there is something immensely comforting about wearing a uniform; you know who you are, because you know what you’re wearing, and vice versa. Oscar Wilde wrote in his essay 1891 essay [...]

The Dark Knight Rises
May 10, 2012

Top Movies of Summer 2012

What's on your movie list?

This summer is shaping up to be an amazing ride for moviegoers. Check out our top five movie picks this summer. The Dark Knight Rises: This grand finale of the “Dark Knight” trilogy is easily one of the most anticipated movies yet to be released this summer. Chris Nolan directed Christian Bale through two amazing [...]