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Classic Sir

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Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay GatsbyThere was once a time in history when every man dressed to the nines all the time. When ladies were dolls and guys were dapper gentlemen. That lavish and extravagant era became commonly known as the Roaring 20′s. Heralded by one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters, The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, the Roaring 20′s are making a serious comeback in 2013. And updating your wardrobe by going back in time can give you that Classic Sir-style upgrade you’ve been looking for.

So, what makes 1920′s style go? In the era of luxury, it was all about attention to details. You too can look like your own version of Jay Gatsby with a few simple tweaks. And like the gentlemen of the ‘20s, when you dress this classy, these looks work just as well in the boardroom as they do for a night on the town.


Pocket SquareThe correct way to wear a pocket square

As we said earlier, it’s all about an attention to detail. No self-respecting gentlemen misses a chance to set himself apart from his peers. That pocket on the breast of your suit coat should never be naked. Choose patterned and colorful pocket squares to take your look from plain to classic. A normally muted grey suit is the epitome of style when accompanied by a well-placed pocket square, with a strong pattern. This look goes great with or without a tie (for when you want to appear a bit more casual).


Cuff links



Great Gatsby Cuff Linkslinks3




Jay Gatsby Cufflinks




These stylish accessories are definitely from a bygone era, and still we can’t understand why. Your dad may not have worn cuff links but his dad probably did. Cuff links are another great way to put your personal stamp on your wardrobe. For the Gatsby look, try to avoid some of the modern styles with dice or race cars on them. You’ll want something timeless. Stainless steel cuff links with simple accents are your best bet. A bit of color here or gold there, in geometric shapes, will dapper up your dress shirts.

Time Piece

When a watch just won’t do, you need a time piece. (Yes, there is a difference) In the ’20s, a man’s watch was a status symbol. Many watches were passed from father to son in this time period, staying in the family for years. So what makes a watch a time piece? Look for styles with simple dials, without four extra hands and three stopwatches. Square face watches with roman numerals and intricate, woven link patterns in gold were the style in Gatsby’s day and they’ll lend a classic feel to any look.

Straw Hat

Finally, for those looking for some shade this summer who are willing to take their style all the way back to authentic Gatsby couture, we give to you: the straw hat. Be warned, this is not for the faint of style, but if you can pull it off with the rest of these style ideas, you’ll look like an extra straight from the set of Great Gatsby.

Jay Gatsby Straw Hat Style



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