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seersucker classic sirSeersucker is a flexible and versatile fabric that is often ignored because of other more exciting options like linen, chambray and madras check. Perhaps, these may be a bit over your head as well, and instead your closet is full of shades of run of the mill cotton. While, summer seersucker is a type of cotton, it is more than mundane yet still is a “safe” choice; here are some facts that will perhaps get it on your radar.

1. Seersucker is an easily recognizable fabric that is a lightweight cotton that is puckered in texture and often times found in blue stripes.

2. It makes for a great summer fabric as the puckering of the material allows for more air circulation.

3. Seersucker is quite frankly a lazy man’s dream come true, since it requires no ironing and it can be thrown into the regular wash with no phone calls to mom.

4. Why does this rather ordinary looking fabric have such a weird name? Well, back in British India, it thought to resemble milk and sugar which in Hindi translates to “kheer aur shakkar” which the British understood as seersucker.

seersuckers and bowties5. As an attempt at reverse snobbery in the 20’s, preppy undergraduate kids started wearing seersucker (which at the time was mostly worn by the poor). That is how it maintained its preppy reputation even today.

6. Seersucker was the suit fabric of choice in the Southern US prior to the invention of the air conditioner.

7. Seersucker can be worn as full suits or shorts. It has the versatility to be slightly formal for work or casual for a day at the beach.

8. As a way to celebrate the traditional wear of the South, the US Senate used to hold “Seersucker Thursdays” in the month of June. Seersucker is a great addition to your summer wardrobe that is easy to maintain and can be worn in a formal or casual setting.

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