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Cocktail Bar
August 7, 2012

Be Suave at the Bar

The Rule for Buying Women Drinks

  If you notice what she drinks, she’ll notice you noticed. The number one rule of being a gentleman is to pay attention to the details. This applies to your wardrobe, your work relationships, your manners, and, last but most, your romantic endeavors. In a recent conversation at a cocktail bar, a lady friend of [...]

Clark Gable at Dinner
August 2, 2012

Dine Dashingly

Classic Sir's Fine Points of Fine Dining

“I don’t dine and dash, I dashingly dine.” -Cali Chap Hopefully, you have been to a restaurant enough times to know the basic etiquette of eating. Don’t play with your food; don’t chew with your mouth open; don’t blow straw wrappers at unsuspecting patrons. But in case you have an upcoming date, or dinner with [...]

Oscar Wilde
July 24, 2012

What to Wear to the Theatre

A Playwright's Perspective

Bertolt Brecht, the very, very German playwright who penned such works as Mother Courage and Ambien: The Musical, correctly wanted his audiences to attend the theater coming from the local pub.  In other words, he wanted the everyman, the fishmonger, the lowly tobacconist to go see plays.   Yet anyone who regularly attends the theatre [...]

Cuff Links
July 17, 2012

Sleeve Status

Classic Sir's Rules about How to Wear Cuff Links

Ever since ancient Egyptians mastered the not-so-complicated technology of buttons, cuff links have been reduced from practical cuff fasteners to shiny man jewelry. In other words, there hasn’t been a rational reason to buy cufflinks since 2500 BCE. Fortunately for Bulgari and Thomas Pink, clothing is not always rational. (Nudists would agree, although they’re probably not [...]

July 12, 2012

Meet Jason Sebacher

CS Welcomes A New Contributing Editor

Jason Sebacher is a Chicago playwright and the editor of acclaimed men’s style blog Toad Hall. His plays have been performed in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and New York City. This past year, Guy’s Style Guide listed Toad Hall in the top ten of Incredible Blogs for Men’s Fashion. We’re thrilled to welcome him [...]

Business handshake
July 5, 2012

Gentlemen at Work

3 SImple Ways to Stand Out in the Office

A gentleman’s office is his domain. He excels there, not only professionally, but personally. The modern gentleman exudes confidence and charisma, but stays modest and professional. Whether you’re self-employed or you’re in a cubicle at big-time corporate headquarters, every day is a chance to compose yourself like the modern gentleman you are. There is an [...]

June 26, 2012

Wear the Right Watch

An Introduction to Men's Timepieces

Wrist watches are one of the only pieces of jewelry that men have the opportunity to wear, and a result, there is a lot of passion (and a lot of money) in the watchmaking industry. A lot of first time watch buyers can be intimidated by the vast array of options and occasionally astronomical prices, [...]

How to Take the Perfect Picture
June 14, 2012

Give them Someone to Remember

How to Take the Perfect Picture

We all have that one friend that loves taking pictures of everyone and everything. Thanks to digital cameras, anybody can become a pro photographer overnight, and they’ll want to take pictures of you. Modern gentlemen need to know how to take a good photo, or they’ll be caught looking stunned instead of stunning. Whether you’re [...]

June 8, 2012

When Was Your Last Spa Visit?

More Men Find Spas Soothing

It’s true: according to the International Spa Association, more men are hitting up their local day spa and loving it. Recent market surveys from the ISA show that male clients constitute approximately 30% of all spa-goers, and judging by the high amount of return visits they put in each month, they’re far more loyal customers [...]

May 31, 2012

New York Gent’s Summer Suit Guide

Suit Up Without Sweating

As far as suits go, it’s a great time to be a gentleman. 21st century suits are all about custom tailoring, sophisticated silhouettes, and attention to detail. The days of aggressive patterns and boxy suits are no more, and in the upcoming summer months, a light, minimalist look is especially becoming. Those gentlemen who remember [...]

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